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Sugavaneshwarar temple - Best visiting Place

Sugavaneshwarar temple - Best visiting Place
The Sugavaneshwarar Temple, situated near the old bus stand of Salem, is one of the best important pilgrimage centre of Salem. It was constructed during the 13th century AD, by Mamannan Sundara Pondiyan. According to a legend, Sage Sugha Brahmarishi worshipped and performed penance at this place. Main Deity is Lord Siva in Lingam form known a Sukavaneswarar and his wife known as Sri Swarnambikai Amman. In this temple, Lingam portion is little slanting and there is a cut on the top of Lingam. Swarnambikai Amman in standing posture is seen in separate sanctum. Sukahabrahma Rishi worshiped Lord Siva of this place in the form of a parrot and he was blessed hence, Lord Siva is known as Sukavaneswarar here. There is a metal urchava Vigraham of Sukavaneswarar in the main temple of Lord Siva near Natarajar. Other deities seen in the temple are Irrattai Vinaykar, in separate sanctum. Purana says Ovvayaar worshiped Vinayakar of this temple and left for Kailayam. We see Ovular idol in the sanctum. Arunagirinadhar also sung a song on Lord Muruga, at this temple. The interiors of this temple contain several historical monuments and a statuette of its main deity. This temple is located in central part of salem ,temple looking towards east and the entance way of the temple is south side.The temple garden contains many varieties of flowers and tall coconut and `Vilwa' trees in hundreds.


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