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Bhadrachalam - The Best Route & Visiting Place

Bhadrachalam - The Best Route & Visiting Place
Bhadrachalam, is a Pilgrimage town of importance in Khammam district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 312 kilometres (194 mi) east of state capital, Hyderabad. It is situated on the banks of the river Godavari, is an important site of pilgrimage for Hindus.The town is famous for it's temple where the presiding deity is Lord Rama.
Bhadrachalam is 161 kilometres from Rajahmundry and 201-km from Vijayawada.Bhadrachalam is about 130 kilometres (approx. 82miles) from district headquarters Khammam. The nearest railway station to Bhadrachalam is at a distance of 40 kilometers, in a town called Kothagudem. The railway station was named as Bhadrachalam Road due to its proximity to the important pilgrimage center.
BUS:From Khammam, It is better to go catch a Bus for Bhadrachalam. Direct rail connectivity from khammam doesn't exists. 2.5 Hours journey from Khammam to Bhadrachalam by bus.
Train:Khammam to Badhrachalam Road a passenger train does its service (Train No. 57254). From Badhrachalam Road every 15 min a bus service available to Badhrachalam town.From Secunderabad to Bhadrachalam Road there is a daily train at 10.45pm, and will reach Bhadrachalam Road by 4.45am. Then there will be frequent buses up to Bhadrachalam., and also there is another Super fast train (11.45pm)secunderabad to Bhadrachalam Road which will run thrice a week (Mon,Wed,Fri).
Visitor Attractions:
1.Parnasala : 35 km from Bhadrachalam
2.Jattayu Paaka : This place is situated from 2 km away from Bhadrachalam
4.Gundala : It is a place 5 km away from the sacred town Bhadrachalam
5.Sri Rama Giri : his place is situated on the bank in the down stream of river Godavari, about 55 km from here
6.Venkatareddipeta : This place is situated 12 km away from bhadrachalam
7.Gannavaram : This place is situated 25 km away from Bhadrachalam

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