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Sri Lanka Malleswara Wildlife Sanctuary

Sri Lanka Malleswara Wildlife Sanctuary is located 15kms from Cuddapah covering an area of about 464sq-kms. The evergreen lush pasture and red sander covers the major part of the Sri Lanka Malleswara sanctuary. The rich flora and fauna adorns the place with more than 1400 plant species belonging to 176 families. Even the animals are not left behind as the hilly terrain, the steep slopes and gorges support animals like tiger, deer, wild boar, fox and many endangered species. The rare and endangered Jordan’s courser are also found in this sanctuary. Many common species of birds made this as their home. For a nature’s lover, this place is one of the best destination to spend time on.The environment found here is arid deciduous mixed forests with evergreen scrubs. The reserve forest consists of hilly area with gorges and steep slopes. A visit to this place provides an unforgettable and adventurous trip to Cuddapah.
The best time to visit this sanctuary is from the month of October to March as there are less rains. April and May are very hot and June to September is the time when the rains are on its peak and can act as spoilsport to the adventure. As the sanctuary is not very far from the town, you can stay in Cuddapah as there are good range of hotels and lodges. You can also stay in the forest rest house at Siddavatam and Cuddapah.
 This is just 15kms from Cuddapah and is well accessed by road. There are buses that takes you to this place from the town. Driving in your car or hiring a taxi are the best options of reaching to this sanctuary.

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