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Chintala Tiruvengalanatha Swami

This temple is located in Tadipatri.The temple of Chintala Tiruvengalanatha Swami or Chintala Venkataramana Swami is named after the idol of Lord Vishnu, which is believed to have emerged from a tamarind tree. It was constructed during the reign of Pemmasani Thimma Naidu and Erra Thimma Naidu.
The structure of this temple is built with stone and bricks and according to Silpa Sastra. The pillars and walls are beautifully carved with figures of Avataras, Apsaras and Vidhyadharas. The highlight of this temple is a chariot carved in stone which has holes in it through which sunlight passes and falls on the feet of the deity twice a year.

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