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Bhairavakona is a piligrimage in Kadapa district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.It is the place of Lord Siva Temple.
How to reach Bhairavakona:
By Road:
Set in thick forests Bhairava Kona temple is one of the temples near Kadapa where adventure and religion go hand in hand. Journey for about an hour through the dense forest will definitely be an exciting experience for the people visiting there. As per the local legends several forts were also built around to embolden this place, but not none of them can be found.Bhairava Kona is located in the middle of dense Nallamala forest near to Ambavaram-kothapalli villages. The place is close to the borders Nellore and prakasam districts. It is situated at a distance at 12kms from Onipenta a small village that comes on the way of Mydukur-Porumamilla bus route.Enter local Vehicles(only Tata Sumos)

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