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Warangal is also called as “Orugallu”, “Ekasila Nagaram”, and “Andhra Nagaram”. This city was capital of “Hindu Shaivate Kingdom” ruled by Kakateeya Dynesty during 12th & 14th centuries. Ganapathi Deva, Pratapa Rudra, and Rani Rudrama Devi were ruled this city. They all built many great temples such as Thousand Pillars Temple (Shiva God), Ramappa Gudi (Shiva God) and maintained & evolved very good Telugu culture. Later Warangal was captured by Delhi Sultans and destroyed many of the sculptures & temples.

There are great monuments in and around Warangal of this history to go and worth visiting.

They are…

Thousand Pillars Temple

Ramappa Gudi

Warangal Thoranas

Warangal Fort

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