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Bhuvanagiri is also called as “Bhongir”, “Bhongiri”. It is located in the Telangana region and Nalgonda district of the Andhra Pradesh.

Bhongir is famous for its fort, which became prominent during the rule of the Kakatiyas. The Fort was built on an isolated massive rock by the Western Chalukya ruler Tri-bhuvana-malla Vikram-Aditya VI and was named after him as Tribhuvanagiri. This name gradually became Bhuvanagiri and subsequently Bhongir.

At the foot of the fortified rocks stands the town of Bhongir, it has a unique egg-shaped construction with two entry points protected by huge rocks, so the fort was considered practically impregnable by invading armies. The Bala Hisar or citadel on the top of the hill gives a bird's eye view of the neighbouring area.

The fort is associated with the rule of the heroic queen Rudra Amma Devi and her grandson Pratapa Rudra. According to legend, there once was an underground corridor connecting Bhongir Fort to Golconda Fort.

There are some historical places here.

On top of Bhongir Fort

A View from Bhongir Fort

Fort Town during Jatara

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